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A Little Insulted

Well today during supper, I felt a little insulted, We were having ribs for supper and stuff, really messy with the Bar B Q sauce i think most people go through. Might as well start with a little history.
My ethnic origin is Inuk, 'person',, or Inuit, which means 'our  people' in my families language. So Inuit were all around Canada, following the caribou, living off the land and ice. There were a lot of Inuit around the northern parts and a long the coast of Quebec and Newfoundland. Of corse we didn't really have things like cups and forks, but we made knives and other tools, so naturally we used our hands it as tools as well as to eat. Well I'd think forks would be uselss becasue they'd get lots and stuff so whatever. For me, I'm a bit of a mutt, so that means that I have blood like Native American, Scottish, Inuk and well I'm plae but not white. 

So there are these new emplyees working at the hotel I work at, real southern white people. I do know people in the south use forks and knives for most everything, we use them now and stuff so whatever. We had ribs as I mensioned before and well the meat was a little rough so forks were useless, so I think most everyone used their hands. What really buged me was that the female emplyee, who's name escapes me- but i know she was a bit of a fat ass, said "Oh gosh, I feel like a DOG!" and her husband just laughed. So I was sitting there, eating my ribs like a happy meateater and it took a while before a few geers spun around. What's so bad about eating with your hands and how does that relate to dogs? there was absolutely no connection i could see with eating with your hands and dogs. So there is where I felt a little insulted.

There is also a bit of background I know of the dogs around here, their mostly huskys for one. A lot of them can find any way to get where they want to be, a huge mistake is using rope to hold a dog, they know it can be cewed off quicky, even very young. My dad learned the hard way with cages, if its not sturdy or has a good sized hole, they'll use it. Digging, ouch. Here, it's so dry, went the snow settles, its HARD, like rocks. but dogs have really no problem. Everyone knows dogs are loyal, strong, quick learners and easily influenced.

so yeah, its strange, i felt a little insulted for both my ethnics and for that woman to compair to a dog....might not make sense but thats just how i flet. 

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