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Random Angst/Death Fic Sasunaru

Title: none yet
Author: Me, Ashimaru
Genre: Angst, death, heart ache ect.
Rating: R or something
Warning: Death, tears, blood and mentions of sex
Summary: Not every ANBU mission can be a  success, Naruto finds. memories of just yesterday with Sasuke

Naruto was looking down to the body in his arms, weighing down on him as tears fell freely from his eyes, “no, no, no, no…no” was his chant as he brought his shaky hand to Sasuke’s cheek, cold and clammy,”Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke,” Naruto shut his eyes.

Yesterday, yesterday was perfect, everything, Naruto had everything right. Sasuke had woken up bright an early, Naruto could almost feel Sasuke kissing his forehead as the blond slept, and felt the bed shift as Sasuke went to the bathroom and the water run while Sasuke took a shower. Naruto sat up with as smile as he looked to the bathroom door, the water splashing the walls from Sasuke movements and not long, the sounds of the water stopping and wet feet stepping our from the tub and into the tiles floor.

 Naruto grinned as Sasuke was only wearing a towel, on top of his head, that is, smiling to him broadly. Naruto wasted no time, jumping out of the bed, going into Sasuke as he held close to the brunet, hugging his neck. Sasuke kissed him again, but on the lips, softly and more tenderly Naruto had ever remembered.

They just stood there, in the middle of their bedroom, kissing softly, Sasuke held to Naruto’s waist, Naruto tightly wrapped him close and Sasuke was the one to pull away.

“I love you,” he whispered, touching their foreheads together. Naruto’s heart stopped, it just stopped, and he looked to Sasuke with wide eyes. Sasuke chuckled, rubbing their noses, “I love you, Naruto,” he whispered again, Naruto’s breath came in gasps as he stepped back, his hands going into his hair as he fell back into the bed. Sasuke stood his place, his hands falling to his side. Naruto’s breath still never came back as tears fell from his eyes, looking to Sasuke’s feet, “I love you,” Sasuke said, a little louder, reassuring the both of them.

Naruto looked up back to Sasuke, his lips twitching into a small smile, standing up again and he brought his hands to Sasuke’s hips, his head leaning on broad, pale chest, “finally,” he whispered, more tears coming into his eyes as he chuckled bitterly to himself.

Sasuke sighed slightly, wrapping his arms around Naruto’s back, his chin leaning on blond mop of hair, closing his eyes “I love you” he said with a smile. It was for about another fifteen minutes they stayed like that, Naruto crying into Sasuke chest, many feeling welling into his body as Sasuke just held him, relieved.

Sasuke had spent the morning cooking breakfast for the both of them, Naruto looking to broad back, still in wonder, a weak smile on his lips. When they finally sat down together eating, Naruto almost cried again, when Sasuke was talking pets! There was that small feeling inside Naruto, feeling like he had died in his sleep….

The first thing Sasuke and Naruto did was grocery shopping, today, that was different, Naruto was holding Sasuke’s hand close and tight, and the brunet let him…. This was a dream…

The day had spent too quickly for Naruto, as if it never happened; his mind filled with bliss that nothing else so far could compare. In the end, Sasuke gave no fights with buying a little orange kitten, gem, the whole time they were at home, Naruto couldn’t help but hold the little kitten close, looking at almost every little thing Sasuke did, his face was sore from smiling..

There was something Naruto had never known about sex until now, it was like ecstasy when the feeling arose, know the one you love loves you back, showing it in every possible way, feelings, touch, sound, sight and somehow, even smell, almost bitter sweet.

However, today was different, too different, the pain n Naruto’s chest was almost death itself, it might as well be….

Here in the blonde’s arms, was his love, his lover, his life…...dead

Nothing was coherent, made sense, or even mattered….



Sasuke’s head was held close to Naruto’s chest, hair messy and dry with blood, his own or another’s, Naruto didn’t know, his skin pale with death, his face relaxed, more so than Naruto could ever remember seeing the man in his sleep. More so, he had known, ever seeing Sasuke before this.

His ANBU uniform, of blood here and there, covered his body weighing slack and heavy.

“Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke…...Sasuke” Naruto said as he held his lover

Naruto opened his eyes again, Sasuke’s cold, expressionless, closed eyes, covered in Naruto’s tears.

That was the only thing Naruto had ever seen, or had bothered to remember…

this feels unfinished, but this was all I was able to put out before the moment left me, I mean not filled in, I don't plan on adding anything else though. So tell me what you think?


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Aug. 30th, 2010 02:34 am (UTC)
This story seriously made tears come in my eyes it was beautiful i liked it =)
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